This is a special one coming at you from the desks of Floor 600 and The Half-Blood Report! Since we are on a break between book series, we are taking advantage of this time to make our podcast collaboration dreams come true! 

We spoke with Samuel & Diego about their favorite characters of the Riordanverse, what it's like to interview Riordan Presents authors, Ice Age 5 and more! Huge thank you to the guys for joining us on our show! It was a super fun episode to make! 

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In this episode, Natalie & Quinn finish their read-through of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan! Can you believe it?!?! With this, the last episode on The Last Olympian, we close the book on this chapter of Floor 600 Podcast (and look forward to the next!).

We talk about how Rick wrapped up the PJO series and gave us a glimpse into the future of our favorite demigods. We say "see ya later" to Rachel, Grover, Percy and Annabeth! 

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In this episode, we discuss the end of the Battle of Manhattan. Queen Sally & Paul Blofis make an appearance just in time to kick butt. Thalia gets trapped under a statue of the world's worst goddess, leaving Grover, Annabeth and Percy to save the world.

Also, just in time for Pride month, we discuss the myth of Achilles and Patroclus, sometimes lovers, sometimes BFFs. No monsters this time but plenty of tears so if you want to cry, stick around.

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In this episode, Quinn and Natalie talk about A LOT OF BATTLES AND MONSTERS AND TITANS. Every single one of these chapters includes a battle scene... is that a record? Maybe not but it is one big loooonng battle!

Anyway, join us for our discussion of the Lydian drakon, a flying pig, a helicopter on the loose, Percy almost losing it and Annabeth's continued grudge against Rachel.

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Secrets! Spies! Visions! Is this Percy Jackson or a James Bond flick?!?

Join us for this episode of Floor 600, where we discuss Annabeth's secret, Percy's conversation with a Titan, and meet Will Solace for the first time! We also dive into the myth of the creation of humankind and the history of the Plaza Hotel in New York City. 

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Buckle up buttercup, this ride's about to become a roller coaster! 

This book is getting super intense! Percy is totally in leading an army mode, the invasion of Manhattan has begun, and Kronos is showing no signs of slowing down! Er, wait... that one doesn't make sense but you know what we mean! 

We discuss the map of the Battle of Manhattan, Hermes' relationship with May and Luke, and Percy's complete and total badassery. 

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What's that? You wish you could listen to Quinn and Natalie discuss giant under-worldly dogs, many goddesses (finally), and how much of a badass Perseus Jackson is becoming?!? Well you're in luck! 

On this episode we discuss chapters 6 through 8 of The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan and a listener's email on Feel Famous with Us! We also meet Hestia, Demeter and Persephone! Three goddesses in one episode!? That's a record breaker. 

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Sorry about the weird sound quality and all of the dogs... working from home has its drawbacks and advantages. Dogs  are both. (Can you tell the difference between all 4 dogs heard on this episode?)

Listen now to episode 27 of Floor 600 where we discuss chapters 3 through 5 of The Last Olympian! In this episode you will hear some strange audio and that is because this is our first attempt at recording from 2 separate locations! Bare with us. Also in this episode we once again have our once in a while segment Feel Famous With Us where we read and respond to listeners' emails! We also may make some strange art requests...

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You've been waiting for it, and here it is: the first episode on The Last Olympian where we discus Chapters 1 and 2! Also we have the occasional segment Feel Famous With Us where we get to read not one but TWO emails from you guys! Listen while Quinn and Natalie analyze Rachel’s vacation plans, death and war, giant crabs and of course the God of Dolphins! And as always we ask the important questions like 'What do half-bloods smell like?'

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Well well well, what have we here?!? An introduction episode?!? 

Yes, we know it's been a while but fear not, as we will be back with new episodes coming your way next week! And in the mean time, check out this intro episode where we discuss what we remember about reading The Last Olympian and what we are looking forward to in this reread. 

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Glad to be back, 

Natalie & Quinn

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